In line with the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) directives for all Consulting/Engineering Firms to be on the COREN website, you may kindly submit the following information about your firm if not yet on the COREN website to this email


1.    Scanned copy of Firm COREN Certificate

2.    Year Established

3.    Year of registration with COREN

4.    COREN Firm Type: Consulting firm, Engineering firm

5.    CAC Registration Type: Corporate / LTD/ Partnership/ sole ownership

6.    Main Practice State

7.    Phone No.

8.    Email   


1.    Scanned copy of first practicing license

2.    Engineering Firm Number

3.    Engineering Firm Name

4.    Year Established

5.    Date Registered with COREN

6.    Firm Size for Engineering (Contracting) Firm:

A (For Buisness Value N1 Million – N 20 Million)

B (For Buisness Value N21 Million – N 100 Million)

C (For Buisness Value N101 Million – N 500 Million)

D (For Buisness Value > 500 Million)

7.    Firm Category for Engineering firms:

(a) Engineering (Special) Services Provision

(b) Engineering Construction

(c) Engineering Farbrication/repairs/Maintenance,

(d) Engineering manufacturing/production

(e) Engineering vendoring of engineering

8.    Main Practice State

9.    Phone No.

10.   Email   

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