It is important that all registered Engineering Practitioners and Firms comply with the Engineers (Registration, etc.) (Amendment) Act No. 3, 2018 which stipulates that Engineering Practitioners must use their instruments of registration to meet up with their professional obligations. Violation of this Act results in infraction and quackery which is punishable by the laws of the land.

It is regrettable that many registrants have the habit of abandoning their instruments of registration (Certificates, Security Seals (paper) and Iron Seal) with COREN, indicating unprofessional practice.

Practitioners and Firms who fail to collect their Certificates, Security Seals and Stamps after two years of registration, will have to pay an additional 50% of the final registration fee. Instruments of registration not collected after three years of registration will be forfeited.

COREN is hereby advising all registered practitioners and firms to claim their customized instruments on or before 30th August, 2024. Practitioners and firms who fail to meet the deadline, stand the risk of forfeiting the registration, thereby compelling re-application. (Click here for the video)



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