This document serves as a guide to all Programme Evaluators who are appointed by the Engineering Accreditation Committee (EAC) of COREN, on their responsibilities and conduct during an accreditation visitation. It must be adhered to strictly in order to ensure consistency amongst various accreditation Team Members in terms of evaluation and final recommendations.


The Programme Evaluation Team needs to be acquainted with the EAC policies on accreditation as detailed in the COREN Accreditation Manual-2019. The Evaluation Team Members shall carefully read the Self Study Report (SSR) submitted by the accrediting Programme, in order to ensure that it provides the necessary information sought by EAC in the prescribed template.

The Evaluation Team will assess and carry out an evaluation based on all the accreditation Criteria 1 to 10 as required in Section 3 of COREN Accreditation Manual. The assessment includes the auditing and confirmation of documents submitted by the institution. If the documents submitted are not complete, the Evaluation Team shall request for the additional information through the EAC.

The purpose of these Guidelines for Programme Evaluators is to ensure that every criterion for accrediting a degree programme and its delivery are assessed and reported. However, it is worthy to note that the aim of accreditation is to determine whether or not a degree programme meets the basic Outcome-Based Education (OBE) requirements as specified by EAC.

The Evaluation Team Leader and Team Members, either together or separately, should prepare a list of questions for each section of the criteria so as to ensure that all aspects are properly addressed. If the institution/programme does not provide sufficient information, EAC should be notified and asked to request for additional information from the institution/programme. When the information is received, it should be forwarded to the Programme Evaluation Team.