In Section 1 (i) subsections (a) and (b) and subsection (3) of Section (4) of COREN enabling decree,
Council is empowered to determine who are engineering personnel and to register them in their
respective registers.

Council has been able to regulate, as contained in its publication CP3, that a person desiring to become
a registered Engineering Personnel must, after obtaining the approved/accredited required
academic qualification, must have four (4) years post-graduate experience which must be under
the supervision of a senior registered Engineer, Technologist or a Technician.

Council believes that the continuing effectiveness of an engineering personnel depends on his contact
with a recognized professional society and therefore advises engineering personnel to belong to
a recognized professional society.
It must be emphasized that membership of a society does not by itself grant an automatic right to
registration. Council still needs to satisfy itself that the academic qualification is registrable for
the category applied for.

● A Registered Engineering Technician shall use the abbreviation “Tech” after his name.

You will need to request your transcript to be sent directly from your school to COREN through any of the following means:
Electronic Delivery: Request and deliver your electronic transcripts from your school directly to us through the
ETX-NG network – CLICK HERE to proceed


Manual Delivery:
Send manual copies to (The Registrar, Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria,
22 Addis Ababa Crescent Wuse Zone 4, P.O.Box 8461, Wuse, Abuja).
E-transcripts using the school’s official email address to:

You can now download your Practicing License on the Make Payment page after your
outstanding is cleared.

Please read this instruction as a guide to pay your practicing fee online.
1. Click on this link to login to the portal.
2. Login with your COREN Registration Number as Username and Password e.g R77771ET
3. Choose Registered Engineering Personnel as login type
4. On successful login, follow the instructions below to change your password.
a. Click on Profile, then Basic Details
b. Enter your new password and tick “Set or Reset Password”
c. Click on Save to update your details
You can also update your other details such as Contact and Bio-data details
5. To pay your practicing fee, please follow the instructions below:
a. Click on Financial Status to know how much you are owing (Please note that due to the current portal
migration, only this current year practicing fee is being set, your Previous outstanding and advances
will be update soon), but in the meantime you can pay for this year practicing fee for now
while we update the previous and advance fee
b. Click on Make payment to pay your practicing fee online
c. Click on Make Payment Button above the Fee Summary table and choose Remita to proceed to make
d. On clicking on Remita, a confirmatory dialog box will be displayed, You have the privilege to enter any
amount in front of the transaction amount text box or pay the exact amount shown.
The essence of this is to allow installmental payment, you can pay below the amount owed or higher
than the amount owed.
Please note that if you pay lesser than the amount owed, the payment will be accepted and your
remaining debt will be kept till you are ready to pay again.If you pay higher than the amount owed,
it will be in an advance wallet for you such that what you have in your advance wallet will be in your
account and covers future practicing fee if sufficient.
e. On Completing step (d) above, click on pay button, you will be directed to Remita payment gateway
and a Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) generated for you to either make payment online
or take to any Bank in Nigeria to make payment.
f. On successful payment online, you will be directed back to the website with the status of your
transaction, if successful you will get a success message and be able to print your receipt online
and your financial status updated automatically. Please note that if you are generating RRR
from the portal to the bank, your financial status will also be updated automatically.
You can at any time login back to your account to print your receipt online. Follow the step below to
print your receipt online.
a. login to your account, Click on Payment
b. Click on transaction history, then Remita, this will load your transaction history, then click on Print to
print your receipt

The breakdown of fees associated with Engineer registration
DESCRIPTION                  AMOUNT
Application & Processing Fee           N 1,000 + N 4,000 = N 5,000
Full Registration                N 12,000
Total                    = N17,000

For complaints/support, you may visit the nearest COREN Office or send email to,
call: Head MIS for Technical issues on 07088697792 only on working days
between 8am – 4pm.
Complaints/Support on Issues of Payments call Accounts on 07016833173
Complaints on Issues partaining to Status of application/Transcript call
Registration on 07088697820

For Nigerian Applicants – 6 Months
For Expatriates – 3 Months

Schedule of Fees for Registration (Personnel) via COREN Professional Examination.

Application & Processing Fee N 15,000 + N 70,000 = N 85,000.00
Full Registeration / Induction Fee N 63,000.00
Total N 148,000.00

Schedule of Fees for Registration through Absorption (Personnel) via Professional Associations.

Application & Processing Fee N 15,000 + N 20,000 = N 35,000.00
Full Registeration / Induction Fee N 63,000.00
Total N 98,000.00