Guidelines for Registration of Engineering Practitioners


Dear Engineering Graduate

Congratulations on your decision to apply for Registration as an Engineer. You have developed your ability beyond that achieved in your academic formation to be a Registered Engineer. It is also a mark of your commitment to Continuing Professional Development of your professional expertise.

Achieving the title of a Registered Engineer is an important landmark in any Engineering career. Successful achievement of the title Engineer will require effort and determination on your part as with any internationally recognized hallmark of Professional excellence.

These guidelines will assist you with the requirements for registration as an Engineer. It is important to read the guidelines and familiarize yourself with what is required for the title. These guidelines also explain how to confirm your eligibility for the title.

1.1 Definition of a Registered Engineer

“Registered Engineer” means a person who holds an accredited Engineering qualification as defined in section 1.3 and after obtaining a minimum professional experience of FOUR years, whether working privately or in the em

ployment of an engineering public organization, has passed the prescribed Engineering practice examination and is registered as such by the Council.

1.2  Eligibility/ Requirements for Registration as an Engineer (Engr.):

1.2.1    Category-I: An Engineering Graduate after obtaining a professional engineering experience of four years minimum.


  • Submission of application through COREN online Registration Portal.
  • Certified copies of engineering qualifications/certificates
  • Evidence of earning 10 Continuous Professional Development points.
  • Professional competency profile as contained in the certificate of experience sheet as obtained from the COREN website.
  • NYSC certificate.
  • He/she has passed the Professional Examination conducted by COREN.

1.2.2  Category-II: Absorption:

A Holder of the title of MNSE, C.Eng. or P.Eng of internationally recognized Engineering Council e.g. ECUK, PEC, Engineers Australia, etc.


  • Submission of application through COREN online Registration Portal.
  • Submission of MNSE certificate.
  • Submission of certified true copy C.ENG, P.ENG, or such initially recognized Engineering Council certificate and academic transcript.

1.3  Acceptable Academic Qualifications for Registration as an Engineer

(a)        COREN accredited B.Eng./B.Sc./B.Tech in Engineering.

(b)       HND in an Engineering field + COREN accredited PGD in the same field of Engineering e.g. HND Civil Engineering + PGD Civil Engineering with 2 years post PGD experience. (not registrable after 2021).

(c)        HND in an Engineering field + COREN accredited B. Eng/B.Sc or B. Tech in the same field of Engineering e.g. HND Civil Engineering + B. Eng Civil Engineering with 2 years post B.Eng Experience.

(d)       Diploma – Inginuer from Continental Europe (registrable after 4 years).

(e)        Degree in Engineering from the Eastern Block translated as M.Sc. and New B. Sc. (registrable after 4 years).

(f)        HND (Engineering) + M.Eng. (Engineering) in the same field with 2 years post M.Eng experience.

(g)       Full technological certificate (obtained not later than 1999) + PGD + M. Eng. (registrable after 2 years).

(h)       B.Sc. (Science) + M.Eng. (in relevant field) + 10 years post-graduate Engineering experience and not less than 50 years of age.

(i)        Those who met the requirement in h, but are less than fifty (50) years of age may be considered if is an employer of Engineering Practitioners (at least 3 Engineers) and have made outstanding contributions to the Engineering Profession OR has evidence of exceptional talents and has obtained a Ph.D, in Engineering.

(j) COREN registered Engineering Technologist who satisfies a – I above is registrable after 1 year.


Engineering registration 


(i)        All application and relevant attachments required for registration must be submitted at Please note that you must click the submit button to complete your application process. An email message will be sent to you immediately to confirm your submission.

(ii)       Application will be processed for assessment and you will be called for assessment/interview within 6 months.

(iii)      Curriculum Vitae to be submitted according to “Guideline for detailed CV” at

(iv)      Technical report: Clearly defining up to date Engineering experience, and describing various projects you have been involved in and your personal contribution. In addition, discuss in detail an Engineering project you have designed, implemented or supervised. You are to submit 3 duly endorsed and dated hard copies by a Registered Engineering Practitioner of your cadre or higher to the Centre’s Coordinator (See guidelines for report writing available on

(v)       Physical examinations of all original credentials shall be performed. Photocopies and statements of results/transcripts are not acceptable.

(vi)      Sit for a written examination comprising of two sections (Engineer in the Society and your area of specialization).

(vii)     Sit for an oral interview.

(viii)    Scoring shall be based on COREN approved guidelines comprising of 6 different sections. Candidates must score a minimum of 50% in each section in order to be registered.

(Please note that IV and VI are for prospective Engineers and Engineering Technologists only).

Also, note the following specifics:


  • Assessment interviews will normally last between 25 and 30 minutes by a minimum of two members of a panel of experts having not less than ten years of professional experience. You will be provided 5 to 10 minutes at the start of the interview to give an uninterrupted verbal presentation about your professional competency. No presentation equipment will be allowed.
  • The panel of experts will then question you in relation to the contents of your application, focusing on your area of expertise.
  • The panel of experts is bound by the COREN code of ethics to maintain the confidentiality of assessment and information/data provided.


3.1 Council Shall Charge the Fees as in tables 1 and 2


Table 1.  Schedule of Fees for Registration (Personnel) via COREN Professional Examination.

DESCRIPTION                                                                    AMOUNT
Application & Processing Fee N 15,000 + N 70,000 = N 85,000.00
Full Registration / Induction Fee                                    = N 63,000.00
Total                                    =N 148,000.00


Table 2. Schedule of Fees for Registration through Absorption (Personnel) via Professional Associations.


DESCRIPTION                                                                    AMOUNT
Application & Processing Fee N 15,000 + N 20,000 = N 35,000.00
Full Registration / Induction Fee                                    = N 63,000.00
Total                                     =N 98,000.00



  • There shall be Professional Examination twice yearly in Abuja.
  • Three days and at least three weeks before the Council Meeting.
  • Submission of Engineering Work Experience report to COREN Coordinators at the regions/area shall be completed not later than 4 weeks before the examination date.
  • Reports shall be made available to the relevant examiners before the examination.
  • The examination Panel should consist of two Registered Engineers per 20 candidates per day.
  • Submission of the examination results by the Chief Examiner to the Registrar at the end of each examination should be done within 2 days.
  • The council shall approve the result (in March, June, September and December).
  • Notify the candidate of the Council decision.


A candidate seeking for registration into any of the Engineering Personnel shall be required to produce an experience report of not less than 3000 and not more than 5000 words in three (3) copies, and submit the same to the Centre Coordinators within the date of examination.

In addition to fulfilling the requirements stated in the Guidelines for registration, candidates are advised to take note of the following hints on how to produce a report of the quality and format acceptable to COREN:

(a)        The report shall have a minimum of five chapters including introduction, summary (in tabular form), details, conclusion, and appendices (endorsed by supervising engineers).   More chapters are acceptable as long as they conform to the approved style of report presentation.

(b)       The summary of Work Experience (to be presented in tabular form) should conform to the table below:

Table 3:          Summary of work Experience



(c)        The report must be written in font size 12, Times New Roman, tidy, well-typed, and spiral bound to A4 size booklet.

(d)       For all activities or project outlined in Table 3, important engineering aspects such as project name, objective, Bill of Engineering Measurement and Evaluation (BEME),  locations, engineering specifications, codes, standards, quality control, management system, your role and participation, and important lessons/experience gained as a result of your involvement should be included.

(e)        The report shall closely take into account the details stated in the Report Guidelines for specific Engineering disciplines such as Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Agricultural.

(f)        The report shall be signed by the writer at the end and dated.

(g)       The writer shall list at the end of the report the names of two Registered Engineers who shall endorse and certify for the Work Experience attained and reported.

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